Hygiene and Safety

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Hygiene and Safety

St Margarets Hotel

The hotel has upgraded its hygiene and cleaning services so that your stay is safe and healthy. In line with the hotel’s COVID-19 policy, we have upgraded our cleaning protocols to provide you with a sanitised room. Click here for more information on our room cleaning protocols. We even seal the room once it is clean to re-assure you that no one has accessed your clean environment. Our common areas are also cleaned frequently to the same high standards.

For your own use, we have installed free hand sanitiser stations on each floor. Also, we supply each guest with a free hygiene kit consisting of a facemask, gloves and a wipe for your own personal use.

We have reduced the amount of paperwork needed for you to check-in by sending pre-arrival information to help you arrive and find your room. Our reception staff will give you a warm welcome on your arrival. Please be aware that for their safety and yours they will be wearing Personal protective Equipment. We also ask you to practice Social Distancing measures while staying at the hotel. Further details of these measures can be found by clicking here.

A Message From The Owner:

As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, my thoughts and those of the staff are with you and your loved ones. As we emerge from lockdown and travel restrictions are lifted, I would like to tell you about our commitment to your safety, health and having an enjoyable stay.

A clean, safe and hygienic environment is what our guests’ value. So now, more than ever, we have taken our commitment to a higher level to re-assure you that your stay will be safe. We have deep cleaned all rooms, common areas and public spaces. The housekeeping staff have been trained in our enhanced cleaning procedures to make sure your room is hygienically safe for your arrival. To demonstrate to you that your room is clean, each room will be sealed so that you know, no one has entered since it was last cleaned.

We have also improved our arrival system so that before you arrive, you will know how to travel to the hotel safely, how to reach your room and suggestions of activities to do to ensure your stay is enjoyable. If you cannot make your booking, then talk to us. We are happy to discuss postponing or cancelling the booking. In fact, we have improved our cancellation policy so that you can cancel up to 24 hours before arrival.

Coming through this unprecedented time has meant that for many of us difficult decisions have been taken. However, it has been inspiring to see how communities have celebrated and rallied around our medical professionals. The future is looking good for the hotel and we are looking forward to warmly welcoming guests back to the hotel. After all, a hotel without guests is just a building in the street.

I wish you, your family and your friends good health and a safe, wonderful and pleasurable stay with us.


Tim Kourdi – Owner


A Guide For Travellers

To help you feel confident when travelling, the St Margarets Hotel recommends the following best practices for your journeys:

Personal Protective Equipment

The advice from the WHO and other travel experts is to wear a mask and gloves in public. In the UK you cannot use public transport, buses, trains and the metro, without wearing a facemask. If you forget your facemask, then use a scarf or something similar to protect your face. The covering must have multiple layers, fit snugly and cover your mouth and nose.

Social Distancing

This is the best way of reducing the spread on COVID-19. Please avoid large crowds if you can. In many shops, businesses and streets there may be one-way systems to follow or places to queue and wait for entry. Many retail outlets will have barriers and screens to protect you and their staff. Many establishments will not take cash as all payments are contactless.

Hand Sanitiser and Wipes

When returning from being in a public place it is good practice to wash your hands with soap and water. Antibacterial wipes are useful to disinfect high use surfaces such as tables, chairs and seat belts in taxis.

Lastly – Remember, taking these precautions is good for your health so do not forget to have a good time and enjoy our visit.

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